I am based in St Andrews, Fife, but I’m ready to travel anywhere in the UK (or elsewhere in the world, if you’re picking up the travel tab).



£50 for the first hour, min 3 hours, plus travel and accommodation fees if applicable.
I specialise in roaming/roving photography, so I’ll mingle with the crowd, taking pictures of people having a great time.  I capture the essence of an event, making sure to include both the audience and the star act in equal measure.  Got sponsors for your event? I’ll ensure their marketing doesn’t go unnoticed by the camera.  And don’t worry, there won’t be a single red-eye in the album.
DVD or USB drive of all photos (unwaterarked), and depending on the event, a Facebook (or equivalent) album can be uploaded within 48 hours.  Online images can be watermarked with your logo if requested.
Party-goers also have the option to order online prints at their leisure.


Family portraits – whether you’ve just brought a new baby into the world, or you fancy your chances at getting all the little ones to keep their faces clean for long enough while granny and grandad are visiting, I can help capture it all on camera.  Some families prefer more spontaneous setups, and opt for candid shots rather than posed portraits, and I’m comfortable with either option.  It’s your family – I’m just here to help make a photo.

£75, including digital copies of all photos, and option to buy prints online.

   Graduation – after three or four years living in your university town, you want more than a stuffy cloudy backdrop to commemorate the best years of your life! I provide individual photographs which represent your time at university, so you can choose the location, the pose – the lot. Have your photo taken by your hall of residence, by a famous local landmark, or where you first kissed the love of your life.  If you want to have some formal pictures complemented by some group shots featuring all your uni friends, then bring it on! The more the merrier!

£35 for one location, several shots; £50 two locations; £75 you have me for an hour. Photos presented online and on DVD. For £10, you get a snazzy metal presentation case to show your DVD to friends and family. Order as many prints online as you like.

Cars & Homes – If you’re looking to sell either your old car or family home, a photo can be worth much more than a thousand words.  While your compact camera will capture every one of the several megapixels perfectly, it’s often the lighting which makes a good photo into a great photo.  I’ll take the time to balance the exposure to ensure that all the elements of the photograph are perfectly exposed, leaving potential buyers in no doubt that they simply MUST part with their cash.

£75 for up to ten photos.  If you’re lucky enough to own more than one car or home and would like them all to be captured on camera, please refer to my ‘events’ rates above.



I work with V&F Photography to produce unique and innovative photobooths for your event.  Our mini-studio setups provide a wonderfully complimentary addition to your event, providing momentary distraction for your guests, and allowing them to create and keep a memento of their experience.  We bring a selection of themed props for guests to pose with, and can tailor the photobooth to suit your event.  Please contact Valour & Felicity to discuss our competitive rates.



When he isn’t striding manfully around remote scottish beaches chanelling Jamie Bond, Oli can be found with his camera at music events, parties and balls, or seeing what happens when you get as many willing volunteers as you can muster to be photographed eating a lime.

He’s also into graphic design, trebuchet building, and airsoft.

Although he’s happy to work on his own, Oli loves to join forces with other photographers if the moment calls for it, and is frequently seen working with Catherine Sinclair at weddings and parties as part of Valour & Felicity Photography, or with Ben Goulter, for some more outlandish stuff.

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