Oh no!


The other week I went adventuring, and in doing so, found myself at the top of a volcano.


Edinburgh’s a wonderful place, and having an extinct volcano just minutes from the city centre just adds to its appeal.  Even better, there’s a geocache sited at the top of the mountain!  It’s an ‘earthcache’, meaning you need to answer a question about the place once you get there, and usually take a photo of yourself to prove you were actually there.

I battled against the wind to position my camera on its tripod, set up the self timer and then scrambled up to the trig point, holding on to everything I could to stop myself from being blown over.  As I clambered down again, I saw with dismay that a gust of wind had blown the camera and tripod straight over onto the solid volcanic rock.  With the battery compartment smashed open, and the lens cracked, I knew it wasn’t good news.  I felt a little sheepish as a German tourist took this photo of me just after the smash  –>

Thankfully, comprehensive insurance covered me for accidental damage, and with a little extra financial input, the payout has enabled me to upgrade my camera to a Canon 5D Mk ii.  My dream camera.  Look out for more photography updates (and maybe even some video if I can figure out how it works!)



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